TensorLayerX has some prerequisites that need to be installed first, including NumPy, Matplotlib and one of the frameworks ( TensorFlow , MindSpore, PaddlePaddle, PyTorch). For GPU support CUDA and cuDNN are required.

If you run into any trouble, please check the TensorFlow installation instructions, MindSpore installation instructions, PaddlePaddle installation instructions, PyTorch installation instructions, which cover installing the frameworks for a range of operating systems including Mac OX, Linux and Windows, or ask for help on or FAQ.

Install TensorLayerX

For stable version:

pip3 install tensorlayerx

pip install tensorlayerx -i  (faster in China)

For latest version, please install from github.

pip3 install git+

For developers, you should clone the folder to your local machine and put it along with your project scripts.

git clone

Alternatively, you can build from the source.

# First clone the repository and change the current directory to the newly cloned repository
git clone
cd tensorlayerx
python install

This command will run the to install TensorLayerX.